Week 13 | Online advertising | part A

On Facebook, there is plenty of advertisements for things I enjoy and do on a daily basis. I don't know if I like the fact that Facebook information is out there that they can find out so much about what I look up and like. I know one thing is for sure all of my ads are about baseball, softball, cornhole, and trips to Georgia.  The call to action on the sports items is just images of the items that I like and they definitely do that.  Baseball and cornhole links are constantly taking me to pages about all the items I look up. My attention is drawn to these things because I enjoy these things and do them on my own time.  It is not always business-related but it definitely is related to what I enjoy in life. Images that are used are effective because I am a visual person and people that are into images are also this way. The more effective the image the more people it draws into the business.  Annoying ads are ones that keep popping up after I already have purchased something. Wish t

Week 12 | online marketing tools

Online tools useful for business, would be Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, yahoo business, and even youtube.  All of these things have different advantages for business but I really think that using each one of them to better a business is necessary.  I would use youtube videos of defensive drills, batting tips/tricks, and coaching tips. Youtube videos are everywhere, on each of the different social media pages there are links to youtube.  That is one advantage of youtube because they are on all kinds of social media and even just any website. I would also start a business blog for the farm and just on every other day, blogs can be so helpful for so many things.  Drills, exercises, and talks about baseball/softball, and hopefully that way I communicate what I need to get out to the youth of the world of baseball.   I also would use Facebook, every single day to help promote the business. Facebook I have found so many things on there that I have bought. I can only imagine how much busi

Week 12 | Business specific online tools

For a batting cage facility, the following online tools will be beneficial for The Farm batting center:  Linked in TikTok Yelp These three online services would be helpful to any business but useful for the batting cage business. I would use linked in to connect with other batting cage businesses, professionals in the baseball industries, and agents and players in the different leagues.  All these people on linked in would be very helpful not only for my business but for future athletes of the younger ages trying to take this sport to the next level.  That is what is important to me as a manager of a batting cage is making sure I can get my athletes to the next level.   TikTok is useful to the batting cage business as I can have the players moving up in the sport advertise for themselves and my business through TikTok videos.  Baseball videos on Tiktok you can do videos of drills, home runs, top defensive plays, and the facility.  All of which can be advertisements for the Farm batting

week 14 | google analytics

 There is plenty of great information that comes from google analytics. Some of the great things to use for a business would be things like page followers.  Few reasons that page followers is good is because one if you see how many people are joining the page you can see if you are getting out to enough people.  It is also good that you can start to see how many people are unfollowing which is useful to see ifmaybe it was something that you posted that drove people away, based on what activities you had going on the page.  You can also when you see spikes in creases you can put out more information instantly to be able to keep the people interested in the page and what you have posted.   The monthly page follower can be helpful to see what time of the month that the most people joined and start to possible learn their spending cycles that way you can compare a few months in a row and see if you get more followers around a specific day of the month.  This will help you make sure you are

Week 10 | using email newsletters

In the beginning of The Farm sending newsletters weekly will be a heavy push that way people start hearing about us and getting more interested.  Being out in public is the most important part of the starting a business.  I will make sure that I go to a bunch of events nd just to get the name out there and have people fill out questionnaires and get contact information for them. The more people I come in contact with in the beginning the betterthe business will flursish.  Once the business has taken off and have a steady flow of customers and patrons of the business, I will start to send the news letters every other week. Once I am sending the newsletters every other week I will be making sure the newsletter has up coming events and locations that I will be taking the traveling batting cages to events. I want to be a owner that is out there for everyone to see the face of the company.  I do not want to be a manager that people do not know about, I want it to be when someone thinks of t

week 9 | blog 2

For The Farm, the blog posts will be simple and related to baseball/softball in every way as that is what the Farm is all about.  Posting about drills to run for different positions and how the drills will help the kids develop.  Will also post videos of drills and tips for kids to learn things to do on their own to help them work on little things in their game. Being a 5 tool player is key and what all coaches want, to make sure they have the following traits: hitting for average, hitting for power, running, fielding, and throwing. Making sure that you have the 5 tools is also what my posts will be about.  Working on posts that fall under each of these categories is super important. The more you posts that I have the more I will make sure they fall under these 5 categories.  As the Farm grows and has more followers the more I will start posting discounts for the company.  But in the beginning, it will be all about the establishment and what it offers.

Week 9 | blog post 1

When it comes to reading or any information for people, they are more intrigued if they can relate to the subject of an article. As long as the person has an interest in a subject and can relate to it they will be more into the item.  For example, if you want people to relate to your business you must be able to relate to the people you are reaching out to. Also, the more personable a thing is or post or blog is the more people can relate to that post.  It is always important to add human interest to the post, people want to know that your product is going to work for them and there life time.  If emotions are involved in a post it shows that you can be an approachable person.  People want to work with someone they trust and being approachable is the most important part.