Week 4 post 1: Identify target market

The difference between Hungry Bear Deli and Subway, the large the biggest difference is the fact one company is a franchise and the other is not.  Subway being a franchise it is to appeal to everyone hungry for a sandwich across the world. The Vista Hungry Bear Deli is marketing to the local people mainly and maybe getting tourists to vista if they are in the Vista area.  The demographics for each are also different as Subway likes to appeal to the people that are on a budget and want a sandwich with all their advertisements on 5 dollar footlongs. The bear deli is not marketing as a cheaper food they are marketing as great quality and you get what you pay for.  The prices in the sandwiches are easily 6 dollars or more, with that being said the group you appeal to is based on the budget of the person. The Bear Deli is also claiming to be the best sub shop in all of San Diego versus subways advertisements at one point were about weight loss, now it is about 5 dollar subs. 
The most obvio…

Week 3 Part B: Developing a Brand


The Farm will be a for-profit Georgia corporation. We will lease an approximately 30,000 square/ft. the facility where we will offer a central, indoor location for guests to learn and practice their baseball and softball skills. The facility will include batting cages, pitching areas, team skills areas, meeting area, equipment rental, & a rest area. In addition to these items, we will give clinics for players to attend and become more well-rounded.The Farm will make sure to help everyone in any way necessary to develop themselves in whatever way they are looking for.It is of utmost importance to help develop players on the 5 tools of baseball which are: Speed, Power, Hitting for average, fielding, and arm strength.Building the logo is going to be a development for me that is going to take some time, I have this idea formulated in my head but I struggling with figuring out how I want to incorporate the key elements that are important to me.  I want the text of The Farm to b…

Week 3 Part A: Aesthetics, Design, and Branding

Rover 6 P Cars
The three potential problems seen with this website are as follows: lack of fluidity of the pagenot appealing to look atbad links to extra pagesThe page to me is most likely not done professionally these three problems I have found are just the start of why I do not think it is done professionally.  Let start with the lack of fluidity to the page, meaning how blocky it is and every bit of text is over images or don't have the pop to the text making it blend with the background art.  The page contact information is halfway down the home page and if you are not reading everything it definitely would blend in with all the other text.  But had they done what most good websites do they have a link at the top that normally says contact us which would then send you to the bottom of the page where everything is in the neat footer or to another page with all the information needed.  The next big thing is the text is not all the same and d…

Week two Blog reviewed

This week I reviewed and commented on the following student's Blogs about Business Research:Isabella Brown - Cooper - Fiedler - Jioras - Nowlan - Zimbelmann - appreciate each and everyone you alls post there were great information and vibes from these posts and businesses.

Week 2 part B: Business research

D Bats Batting cages - main company page - local company pageD bats is a batting cage facility that provides batting cages for all ages and the three major baseball/softball types.  the machines have a large range of speeds for baseball, they have different speeds for fastpitch softball, and have cages for slow pitch softball as well. D bats is a franchise on the international market with them located all over the United States and also in China.The Temecula California location has there website which has links for both their Facebook and Instagram pages.  If you follow their links to the pages you will find that neither social media platforms have been posted on since July, with that being said they are active recently during this COVID pandemic.  The majority of posts are about events and camps coming up.  They also post closures and information on the COVID along with pictures and videos here and there.Facebook the last p…

Week two Post one: Blog Post

With Social media being so powerful nowadays, there can be so much answered or done through social media.  As stated in the reading this week an insurance company did not help the customer with the situation at hand when they called.  But, when the customer turned to social media and put the company on blast, they instantly reached out and were willing to see how they can help.  With social media reaching people so fast and for some reason everyone taking it a gospel, it is both beneficial to businesses as well as can be hurtful.  So yes social media makes things easier to get noticed and or get problems solved.
Before social media, getting in touch with a company could have seemed like a hassle.  Sometimes reaching a company would be all by phone and very time consuming, you may even have had to go into the business at times to get in touch with someone.  Also sending an email to a company to get things resolved would get overlooked or maybe they would just avoid the email altogether.…

Week 1 Part B

My group Number:ThreePeople in my Group:Isabella Brown (read and commented)Courtney Cooper (read and commented)Jessie Fiedler (read and commented)Cara Heise (read and commented)Margaret Nowlan (read and commented)Thomas Vincent (read and commented)Kyra Kapelusznik